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New mapping tool will support waste heat recovery  

The Hub has developed a brand-new visualisation tool to provide local authorities with strategic recommendations for the use of recoverable heat in the wider South West.  

Using GIS data to pinpoint over 1,000 waste heat sources (including energy from waste plants, sewage treatment works and china clay processing plants), the Recoverable Heat Mapping Tool will be used to identify priority areas for the connection of heat networks to waste heat sources in the region.  

The tool can provide information on waste heat grades, originating sectors and waste heat availability. It will also show where there are existing and planned heat networks thereby linking up existing and potential low carbon heat sources.  The map also gives you the ability to upload your own GIS data, for example by including your Local Area Development Plans as an additional layer.

In addition to the mapping tool, the Hub has commissioned a report on Waste Heat in the South West that provides guidance on the next steps to catalyse waste heat recovery in heat networks.  

Heating the built environment accounts for 21% of the total emissions in the UK. A near complete decarbonisation of heat is essential to achieve the government’s net-zero target by 2050.  

Both the new tool and the report will help to accelerate the decarbonisation of heating in the region by improving the accessibility of information about waste heat, making it easier to use the data available, and providing guidance. We suggest reading the report in parallel with the using map.

Download the Recoverable Heat Mapping Tool

Download the report on Recoverable Heat in the South West

The mapping tool was demonstrated to local authorities at our recent South West Heat Networks Webinar. An opportunity for local authorities in the region to find out more about upcoming heat network opportunities and to get a preview of the mapping tool. A recording of this event is now available.

Watch the South West Heat Networks Webinar

For support or more information about Heat Networks or the mapping tool please contact the Hub