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Community Energy in the South West – Summary Report

A summary report of work commissioned by the Hub to carry out an assessment of the community energy sector in the South West. The work focussed on identifying the needs of the sector, and makes recommendations for how the Hub could help to meet these needs. The work was delivered by Community Energy South with a local partner team from Community Energy groups in the South West. Download the summary report …

220 KBpdf
‘Able-to-Pay’ loan fund business case report

The South West Net Zero Hub worked with consultant partners Gemserv to create a Green Book compliant business case for a £100 million ‘Able-to-Pay’ loan for residents living in the South …

, 8 MBpdfdomestic_retrofit finance_and_investment
South West Net Zero Hub Recoverable Heat Mapping Tool

A map of recoverable heat sources in the South West to support local authorities in the transition from fossil fuels. The map identifies priority areas for the connection of heat networks to waste heat. Download the KMZ file. To view the KMZ file launch Google Earth. Go to File Import KML/KMZ file Select your downloaded file Click open This will open the Heat Map KMZ …

, , heat heat_networks renewable-energy
South West Net Zero Hub Recoverable Heat Mapping Report

A report on a project to develop a map of waste heat sources in the south west providing recommendations for using waste heat to decarbonise and identifying priority areas for the connection of heat networks to recoverable heat …

, , 1 MBpdfheat heat_networks renewable-energy
Agreeing a virtual Power Purchase Agreement (vPPA)

A report on a South West Net Zero Hub project working with Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) to agree an innovative Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) for electricity generated by a new solar farm.

, 3 MBpdflocal_energy_projects power_purchase_agreement
South West Net Zero Hub Retrofit Skills Report

Research to support the South West to meet net zero targets by setting out the retrofit requirements for the region, including the installation of heat pumps and deployment of insulation measures.

, 2 MBpdfdomestic_retrofit heat
PCAN Find Your Place  – The Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) lookup resource

A resource about what opportunities your city or community have, and what is being done to unlock those opportunities

IMPACT: The Community Carbon Calculator Tool 

A tool giving small communities data on their carbon emissions

, , wwwcarbon_emissions community-energy tools
Power Paired

A matchmaking service for community energy groups and the owners of sites with renewable energy potential

The Mackay Carbon Calculator

Provides a model of the UK energy system that allows you to explore pathways to decarbonisation, including net zero by 2050

, wwwcarbon_emissions tools
Energy Cashflow Testing Model

A tool to support early stage revenue modelling by community groups

, , 1 MBxlsxcommunity-energy finance_and_investment tools
Local Government in England: Capital Finance

An introduction to capital finance and borrowing by local authorities in England

Heat Network Electricity Revenues and Licencing Guidance

Guidance notes identifying routes to market for the electrical output from plant1 connected to a district heating scheme

, 6 MBpdffinance_and_investment heat_networks
Innovative PPA models

A Synthetic Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Toolkit for Local Authorities

, 1,012 KBpdffinance_and_investment power_purchase_agreement
Net Zero Operational Carbon

Net Zero operational carbon – ten key requirements for new buildings

, 190 KBpdfplanning_policy sustainable_construction
The Scatter Tool  – a local authority focused emissions tool

A local authority focussed emissions measurement and modelling tool, built to help create low-carbon local authorities

, wwwcarbon_emissions tools
The Retrofit Interactive Map

This interactive map highlights leading examples of domestic retrofit and new home policies and initiatives from local and combined authorities across the UK

The Retrofit Playbook

A resource to support local and combined authorities in developing retrofit policies and initiatives, through sharing best practice and guidance

The Local Authority Domestic Retrofit Handbook

Practical advice and resources for local authorities at the beginning of their domestic retrofit journey

2 MBpdfdomestic_retrofit
Devon County Council Pathways Report

An analysis of Devon County Council housing stock and the potential retrofit pathways to reach Net Zero by 2050

16 MBpdfdomestic_retrofit
Devon Retrofit MK II: A study and investigation into Devon’s rural building archetypes for retrofit actions and measures

A study and investigation into Devon’s rural building archetypes for retrofit actions and measures

5 MBpdfdomestic_retrofit
Green Hydrogen Production at the Science Museum Group’s Science and Innovation Park – Feasibility Study

Report exploring the feasibility of integrating local renewable energy supplies to produce green hydrogen for transport in the area around Swindon

, 7 MBpdfhydrogen transport_decarbonisation
Hydrogen Supply Chain: Evidence Base

An assessment of evidence relating to the range of infrastructure that would be required for a future delivery chain for hydrogen for heat

, wwwheat hydrogen
Isle of Wight EV Charging Strategy Infographic

Isle of Wight electric vehicle (EV) case study

, 164 KBpdfrenewable-energy transport_decarbonisation
Isle of Wight EV Charging Strategy

A future-proof strategy for the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on the Isle of Wight

, 7 MBpdfrenewable-energy transport_decarbonisation
Social Housing Smart Export Guarantee Briefing Note 

Solar PV on Social Housing. Is the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) fit for purpose?

, 314 KBpdfrenewable-energy solar_pv
Tolgus Farm Power ESCo

A Techno-Economic Review of a Heat & Power ESCo option for Treveth Holdings

, 599 KBpdfenergy_services_company_reports heat
Somer Valley Power ESCo

A Techno-Economic Review of a Power ESCo option for Bath & North East Somerset Council

, 660 KBpdfenergy_services_company_reports power_purchase_agreement
Ryde Business Park Power ESCo

A Techno-Economic Review of a power ESCo option for Isle of Wight Council

, 660 KBpdfenergy_services_company_reports power_purchase_agreement
Isle of Wight ESCo 

A Techno-Economic Review of an ESCo option for Isle of Wight Council

, 1 MBpdfenergy_services_company_reports heat
Eastleigh Borough Council Heat Power ESCo 

A Techno-Economic Review of a Heat & Power ESCo option for Eastleigh Borough Council

, 756 KBpdfenergy_services_company_reports heat
Common Scope ESCos Report 

A guide for local authorities who wish to supply electricity themselves from on site renewable energy generation to multiple customers on a housing estate or business park

, 2 MBpdfenergy_services_company_reports local_energy_projects
Energy Review and Modelling Report 

Towards a net zero policy for new buildings

, 4 MBpdfplanning_policy sustainable_construction
Technical Evidence Base Appendices

How electricity use can be calculated and how this influences policies with total energy use requirements

, 1 MBpdfplanning_policy sustainable_construction
Technical Evidence Base

An evidence base for net zero operational carbon buildings

, , 2 MBpdfcarbon_offsetting planning_policy sustainable_construction
Regional Variance in PV – Planning Policy Guidance Note

Evidence to support Local Planning Authorities in developing net zero planning policies

, , 1,009 KBpdfplanning_policy solar_pv sustainable_construction
Adapting London Plan Offsetting Rates for 2022 Building Regulation Updates

Technical evidence on carbon offsetting for Bath and North East Somerset Council

, , 616 KBpdfcarbon_offsetting planning_policy sustainable_construction
Managing Investment and Delivery of Energy and Renewables Schemes

Resources to help drive public and private investment in clean energy infrastructure

, 1 MBpdffinance_and_investment local_energy_projects
Local Energy Guide

A guide to local energy schemes providing an update on the status of the sector

, , 3 MBpdffinance_and_investment local_energy_projects net_zero_hub_guides
Local Project Support

A guide to Net Zero Hub support for local energy projects

, 759 KBpdflocal_energy_projects net_zero_hub_guides
Tranforming Energy: The Power of Local Toolkit

A toolkit for community groups and local authorities to support partnership working

1 MBpdfcommunity-energy
Financing Heat Networks in the UK Guidebook

Guidance to heat network sponsors, developers and funders

, 5 MBpdffinance_and_investment heat
Establishing Local Authority Joint Ventures

Establishing public-private joint ventures and partnerships for investment in and delivery of energy schemes

, 2 MBpdfenergy_services_company_reports heat
B & NES Riverside Options Report

An options review of heat and power supply for Bath & North East Somerset Council

, 508 KBpdfenergy_services_company_reports heat
Cornwall Council Energy Offsetting Options for Setting a Net Zero Energy

Recommendations for an energy offset price

, 605 KBpdfplanning_policy sustainable_construction
West of England Net Zero New Build Policy Evidence

Evidence commissioned in support of net zero Local Plan policies in the South West region

, 2 MBpdfplanning_policy sustainable_construction
A Step by Step Guide to Local Energy

A beginners guide to local energy projects for local authorities or community energy groups

, , 382 KBpdfcommunity-energy local_energy_projects net_zero_hub_guides